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The Only Art Fair in Japan Specializing in Crafts "KOGEI".


The KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa is Japan’s only art fair devoted exclusively to crafts. Held annually since 2017 in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, this remarkable event exudes the captivating essence of “KOGEI”—Japanese crafts. Kanazawa, a city steeped in diverse cultural traditions such as tea ceremonies, Zen, and Noh theater, seamlessly weaves these artistic expressions into everyday life. Bringing together approximately 40 galleries from Japan and abroad, the fair exhibits and sells the exceptional creations of nearly 200 artists, ranging from promising young talents to internationally acclaimed artisans. The fair displays these works in hotel rooms to allow visitors to appreciate their highly artistic and creative pieces in a setting close to daily life, fostering a platform for new connections and interactions between artists, gallerists, and visitors.

「KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa」は、2017年から石川県金沢市で実施されている、国内唯一の工芸に特化したアートフェアです。「KOGEI」の魅力を、茶の湯や禅、能楽など、様々な伝統文化が日常に根付く金沢のまちなかより発信してきており、新進気鋭の若手作家の作品から世界で活躍する作家の作品まで、国内外約40のギャラリーが一堂に集結し、200名近い作家の作品が展示販売されます。本アートフェアでは、暮らしに近い空間の中で芸術性、創造性の高い作品をじっくり手に取っていただけるよう、ホテルの客室を使った展示方法を採用しており、作家やギャラリストとの新たな出会いの場ともなっています。

Special Events

Available languages: Japanese and English

Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa

​KOGEI Art Fair

Kanazawa 2023

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023

The 7th KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023 revolves around the captivating theme, “KOGEI for you, here & now,” uniting crafts that deserve public attention and acquisition in the present moment.

The guests of the participating travel agencies will enjoy exclusive

first-view entry.

第7回目の開催となるKOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023は「いま手に入れるべき工芸がここに/ KOGEI for you, here & now」をテーマに開催します。今回ご紹介する旅行会社様のゲストは、招待者限定のファーストビューの入場も可能とします。

Venue: Hyatt Centric Kanazawa (2F, 5F, 6F)

Dates: December 1 (Fri):  13:00—19:00   First-View (Invitation Only)

             December 2 (Sat):  11:00—19:00   Open to the General Public

             December 3 (Sun): 11:00—18:00  Open to the General Public

会場: ハイアットセントリック金沢 (2F, 5F, 6F)

開催日時: 12月1日(金) 13:00-19:00 ファーストビュー(招待者限定)

      12月2日(土) 11:00-19:00 一般公開

                  12月3日(日) 11:00-19:00 一般公開

Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa Tea Ceremony

​Premium Tea Ceremony

Premium Tea Ceremony

“Rethinking the Japanese Tea Ceremony”—Premium Tea Ceremony with the Use of Tea Utensils from the National Crafts Museum’s Collection

In Kanazawa, cultural traditions such as tea ceremonies, Zen, and Noh theater are deeply ingrained in daily life. While cherishing its heritage derived from samurai culture, the city also embraces the creation of new culture and art. The National Crafts Museum, renowned for its collection of modern and contemporary crafts and design, has joined forces with 12 talented, active artists who are shaping the future of the craft world. The teaware and utensils they created will be used to these three tea ceremonies.

During these tea ceremonies, we aspire to share the significance of fostering cultural exchange beyond borders and cherishing peace through the enchanting essence of the Japanese tea ceremony and KOGEI.




Venue 1 : Hyatt Centric Kanazawa 

Dates: December 2 (Sat)  - 4 sessions between 12:00-18:00

             December 3 (Sun) - 4 sessions between 12:00-17:15  

会場 1: ハイアットセントリック金沢

開催日時: 12月2日(土) 12:00-18:00の間 

                 12月3日(日) 12:00-17:15の間 

Venue 2 : Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy

Date : December 3 (Sun)  18:00-20:00

会場 2: 西田幾多郎記念哲学館

開催日時: 12月3日(日) 18:00-20:00

Venue 3 : Old Nakamura House

Date : December 1 (Fri)  12:00-15:00

会場 3: 旧中村邸

開催日時: 12月1日(金) 12:00-15:00

Kogei Art Fair Kanazawa Artist's Studio Visit

Artist's Studio Visit

Artist's Studio Visit

Artist’s Studio Visit—KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023

Special Program

作家の工房訪問 KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023 


Artist name : Yoca Muta

Dates: December 2 (Sat) 14:00-16:00

作家名: 牟田 陽日

開催日時: 12月2日(土) 14:00-16:00

※The below event has been cancelled

Artist name : Takuo Nakamura

Dates: December 4 (Mon)  14:00-16:00  


作家名: 中村 卓夫

開催日時: 12月4日(月) 14:00-16:00

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