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Jun Ura  Architect

Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Jun Ura assumed the roles of CEO and President at Ura Architects in 2006. He also founded Syuto Kanazawa, a non-profit organization dedicated to town development. In 2013, Ura established the cultural enterprise Noetica Co., Ltd.

As an architect, town-development expert, and cultural project-planner, Ura is committed to promoting Hokuriku’s architectural and cultural heritage. Among his notable architectural achievements are the Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal, the Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Line 1 Development Project, the Noto Theater, and the “Fluctuations of Tearoom” (“Bouki-an”) in Berlin. Ura actively fulfills various roles

(e.g., a producer for the “Go for Kogei” project and the supervisor for the Kanazawa 21st Century Kogei Festival).

浦 淳  建築家


活動に、GO FOR KOGEIプロデューサー、金沢21世紀工芸祭総合監修など。

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