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Encounter Traditions and Contemporary Crafts: 

The World of Japanese Tea Ceremony


Sokyu Nara, a distinguished Japanese tea master, graciously hosts tea ceremonies. Nara is known for his unwavering dedication to the Japanese tea ceremony and for sharing its beauty with the world. As the host, he extends a warm welcome to guests at the KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023. Additionally, the venue will showcase the small tearoom meticulously planned by interior designer Shigeru Uchida. This tearoom is part of the esteemed collection of the National Crafts Museum. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of the tea ceremony in Kanazawa.



Sokyu Nara (tea master), Cooperated with Kokoan

*Note: The tea ceremony will take place in the ritsurei style, where guests sit comfortably in chairs, making it enjoyable even for those experiencing the tea ceremony for the first time.


伝統と現代の工芸に出会う 金沢の茶の湯の世界  


日々研鑽に努め全世界で茶の湯を伝える日本を代表する茶道家、奈良宗久氏が席主となり、KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023の会場でみなさまをお待ちしております。会場には国立工芸館所蔵でインテリアデザイナー内田繁が制作した小間も展示。金沢の茶の湯の世界へ誘います。


席主 奈良宗久(茶道家) 

協力 好古庵


Tea Ceremony : Hyatt Centric Kanazawa (Sun. 3 Dec., 12:00-12:45)

  • CAPACITY: 15 participants per session

    INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Matcha tea and confections served during the party

    MEETING POINT AND TIME: We invite you to join us at the on-site reception situated on the 2nd-floor of Hyatt Centric Kanazawa. Kindly plan your arrival within the reception hours before the event commences.

    Guests will sit in chairs during the tea ceremony. To prevent any damage to teaware and utensils, we ask all guests to remove their watches and accessories before the party begins.

    定員: 各回15名

    料金に含まれるもの: 茶会で提供される菓子、茶



  • 31 days prior to the date of the event: 0%
    30 - 8 days prior to the date of the event: 50%
    7 - 1 days prior to the date of the event: 70%
    On the date of the event: 100%

    開催日の31日前: 全額返金
    開催日の30日前~8日前 : 50%
    開催日の7日前~前日: 70%
    開催日の当日 : 100%

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