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Contemporary Tea Ceremony Fusing Tadao Ando’s Architectural Space

and Nishida’s Philosophy


Designed by Tadao Ando, the serene and grand concrete architecture of

the Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy will be exclusively opened at night for this special occasion to host a tea ceremony using teaware crafted by contemporary artisans from the esteemed collection of the National Crafts Museum. In the foyer, there is a mobile 4.5-tatami tearoom produced by Rokkaku-ya. The tea ceremony provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the philosophy of Kitaro Nishida, while being stirred by subtle, sense-awakening sounds and light. 



Shiro Miura (architect), Takuo Nakamura (ceramic artist), Jun Ura (architect), Cooperated by Muneaki Kawasaki, Ryoichi Tsuji, Kawasaki Sachu Group 

​*Note: Guests will sit in chairs during the tea ceremony. 







三浦史朗(建築家)、中村卓夫(陶芸家)、浦淳(建築家)、協力 川崎宗晃、辻亮一、川崎社中

Tea Ceremony : Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy (Sun. 3 Dec., 18:00-19:30)

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