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The world of Kanazawa and the tea ceremony, guided by a master of

the tea ceremony taught directly by the master

Kanazawa’s traditional tea ceremony is organized by a renowned Kanazawa tea master. He is the proprietor of a well-established lacquerware shop that has operated for over 240 years, offering exquisite Kanazawa lacquerware and the intricate art of makie(Japanese lacquer art). The tea ceremony will take place at Old Nakamura House, the historic residence of a sake brewer in Kanazawa. This revered individual, who was also a renowned tea master and collector of tea utensils, relocated the house to its current location. 


The tea ceremony will showcase an exquisite blend of tea utensils, including pieces crafted by contemporary artisans from the National Crafts Museum’s collection, along with valuable antique tea utensils that are typically not accessible to the public. Following the tea ceremony, guests will have the opportunity to unwind and savor light refreshments while enjoying Kanazawa’s traditional performing arts.

Host: Yoshihisa Oka

*Note: During the tea party, guests will sit on a tatami floor, which is perfect for those interested in experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony. 





席主 岡能久


Tea Ceremony : Old Nakamura House (Fri. 1 Dec., 12:00-15:00)

  • VENUE: Old Nakamura House | 3-2-29 Honda-machi Kanazawa Ishikawa 920-0964

    INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Luxury bus transportation to the venue, admission to the Nakamura Memorial Art Museum, matcha tea, confections and light refreshments served during the event, KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023 entry ticket

    MEETING POINT AND TIME: Please arrive at 11:30 in the 1st-floor entrance area of Hyatt Centric Kanazawa.


    11:40 Departure by bus from Hyatt Centric to Old Nakamura House

    12:00 Tea ceremony

    12:45 Enjoy light refreshments catered by the long-established ryotei restaurant Tsubajin and traditional performing arts of 

                    Kanazawa drumming and chanting 

    14:15 Discover tea utensils up close with expert insights from the curator at the Nakamura Memorial Art Museum

    15:00 Departure by bus from Old Nakamura House to Hyatt Centric (Estimated arrival time: 15:20)

    During the tea party, guests will sit on a tatami floor, which is perfect for those interested in experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony. We kindly request that all guests wear or bring socks. To prevent any damage to teaware and utensils, we ask all guests to remove their watches and accessories before the event begins. 

    開催会場: 旧中村邸 | 920-0964 石川県金沢市本田町3-2-29

    料金に含まれるもの: 会場までのラグジュアリーバス移動費、中村記念美術館入館料、茶会で提供される茶菓・点心、KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023入場チケット、消費税

    集合場所・時間: 11:30にハイアットセントリック金沢1階エントランスにお越しください。


    11:40     移動バス出発(ハイアットセントリック→旧中村邸)

    12:00     茶会

    12:45     老舗料亭つば甚の点心をいただきながら、金沢の鼓や謡の伝統芸能を堪能

    14:15     中村記念美術館で学芸員の解説で茶道具を鑑賞

    15:00     移動バス出発(旧中村邸→ハイアットセントリック15:20着)


  • 31 days prior to the date of the event: 0%
    30 - 8 days prior to the date of the event: 50%
    7 - 1 days prior to the date of the event: 70%
    On the date of the event: 100%

    開催日の31日前: 全額返金
    開催日の30日前~8日前 : 50%
    開催日の7日前~前日: 70%
    開催日の当日 : 100%

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