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Shiro Miura  Architect

Shiro Miura embarked on his independent career after honing his skills at Kyoto’s Nakamura Sotoji Building Firm, which is renowned for its expertise in the Sukiya-zukuri architectural style. Miura founded the architectural group Sankakuya, which specializes in this particular style and is committed to crafting exceptional buildings through ongoing client collaboration. In 2012, Miura initiated “Rokkakuya” as he acknowledged the need for an artificer who draws inspiration from environmental nuances, incorporates cultural elements, and directs the creation of furnishings. This approach aims to elevate buildings into enriched spaces, thus transcending mere construction.

三浦史朗  築家

数寄屋建築で名高い京都の中村外二工務店に勤務後、独立。「施主」との対話を重ねながら質の高い建物をつくる数寄屋建築集団「三角屋」を立ち上げる。しだいに建物をつくるだけではなく、建物をより充実した「場」とするために、「風土」から学び、「文化」をふまえ、 調度などのものづくりを


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