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Sokyu Nara  Tea master

Sokyu Nara, born in 1969 in Kanazawa, is the second son of a family with a long-standing pottery tradition dating back to 1666 during the Kanbun era. The family has historical connections with the Maeda Clan of the Kaga Domain. Under the influence of his father, Toyosai Ohi

(a recipient of the Order of Culture), Nara pursued a career as an artist specializing in arts and crafts, while studying at Tamagawa University.

He has since actively participated in the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition and the Japan Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

Nara works under the artist names of “Hisashi Nara” and “Baikei Naraya.”

Later, Nara found profound inspiration in Chado, the Japanese Way of Tea. In 1995, he became a part of the Urasenke Konnichian foundation after his studies at the Urasenke Gakuen Professional College of Chado. In 2002, he received the professional tea name “Sokyu” from Bounsai Sen Genshitsu Daisosho. Since 2017, following his appointment as a Professor of the Urasenke Tradition by Zabosai (the current head of Urasenke), Nara has held the special title of gyotei, which is reserved for direct disciples of Urasenke. In this role, he actively advocates for

the Japanese Way of Tea, both within Japan and on the international stage, while also hosting the “Kokoan” tea workshop in cities such as

Kanazawa and Tokyo.

Nara also served as a Visiting Professor at Kyoto University of Arts from 2017 to 2021 and has held positions as a Curator and Deputy Director at the Ohi Museum. Currently, he works as a Part-Time Lecturer at Kanazawa College of Art, and a Visiting Lecturer at Urasenke Gakuen Professional College of Chado. Nara has been honored with various awards (e.g., Ishikawa Prefecture Cultural Encouragement Award, Kanazawa City Cultural Activities Award, and Hokkoku Arts Award). His artistic creations have found their place in public collections

(e.g., Museum of Asian Art in Berlin, Urasenke Konnichian, and Sogetsu Art Museum). Moreover, Nara has been actively promoting culture by planning and directing government initiatives, museums, arts-and-crafts projects, and media endeavors. His recent undertakings include overseeing the design of a Kanazawa crafts-inspired tea room at the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin, as well as collaborating with orchestras, which showcases the breadth of his contributions.

奈良 宗久  道家



(制作においては 久司、号 梅渓 奈良屋を用いる)

のち茶道の道に感銘を受け、裏千家学園茶道専門学校を経て、1995年裏千家今日庵に入庵し、2002年茶名 「宗久」を鵬雲斎千玄室大宗匠より賜る。2017年に坐忘斎御家元より正教授方を拝命し、業躰(宗家直下の指導者)として国内外の茶道普及に努め、金沢、東京などでは茶道教場「好古庵」を主宰している。他、京都芸術大学客員教授(2017年から2021年)、大樋美術館学芸員兼副館長歴任。現在は金沢美術工芸大学非常勤講師、裏千家学園茶道専門学校客員講師などを努める。石川県文化奨励賞、金沢市文化活動賞、北國芸術賞など受賞多数。




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