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Yoshihisa Oka

Yoshihisa Oka is the seventh-generation head and currently serves as the Chairman of the time-honored establishment known as Nosaku.

This distinguished store has been engaged in the creation and sale of lacquer and lacquerware in Kanazawa for more than 230 years,

tracing its origins back to its establishment in 1780 during the An’ei era. Oka is knowledgeable about the art of traditional craftsmanship—

particularly, Kaga maki-e techniques and Kanazawa lacquerware, as well as items crafted from lacquer in Ishikawa Prefecture.

He also has expertise in lacquer culture related to contemporary lifestyles. 

Oka plays a significant role in Kanazawa’s chado (tea ceremony) community. He holds a permanent position within the Ishikawa Prefecture Chado Association and serves as the Sub-Chief of the Ishikawa Branch of the Chado Urasenke Tankokai Federation. Additionally,

Oka demonstrates a profound appreciation for traditional performing arts, holding the esteemed position of Director at the Kanazawa Noh Museum.

岡 能久




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